Syria: Refugees and Displaced

Give Me Shelter

ISTANBUL – As the war inside Syria rages, aid organizations find themselves on the outside looking in — fully aware of the daily destruction across the border, but unable to directly reach those in need because of the violence. That’s where people like Mahmoud come in.

Foreign Policy, February 26, 2013

Syrian Bombs Follow Refugees To ‘Liberated’ City of Azaz

AZAZ, Syria – Tiny pieces of a dead woman were picked up one by one and placed in a white piece of cloth. It might have been a scarf or perhaps simply at hand when it was needed for a final task that certainly had not been its intended purpose. The young men filled the cloth with bits of the woman’s remains and moved broken pieces of concrete from around the rest of her body. The men carefully collected as much of her as possible.

Al-Monitor, August 21, 2012

No Refuge

BOHSIN, Turkey — The dull thud of the Syrian military shells woke me in the Bohsin refuge camp at about three in the morning.

Foreign Policy, March 7, 2012

Love in the Time of Syrian Revolution

When Farah said goodnight to her boyfriend one evening in January 2007, she had every reason to expect to see him the next day. Though she’d only been dating Omar for a month, the two students at Syria’s Damascus University already shared a special connection. Their first date had been over coffee. Soon, they were wearing matching clothes. “See you tomorrow,” they told each other that evening. But that “tomorrow” would not come for five turbulent years.

The Atlantic, May 24, 2012

Syria post-Assad could be too dangerous to return to: refugees

While 18-year-old Mariam is keen to decamp from her family’s illegally rented apartment in this frontier town and return to Syria to aid the rebel cause, her mother Huda and uncle Mohammad conjure a grim picture.

The National, July 25, 2012

Turkey’s Antakya a refuge for Syrians

ANTAKYA, TUKREY // Before the uprising against the government of the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, hundreds of carloads of shoppers used to cross the border each weekend to shop in the sprawling bazaar of the ancient Turkish city of Antakya, also known as Antioch.

The National, August 7, 2012

Syrian refugees on Turkish border offer respite for rebels

NISRIN, Turkey // A fighter from the Free Syrian Army sauntered into the front yard of a run-down home on the Turkey-Syria border where his friends, three families of Syrian refugees, were living. Wearing a black shirt and camouflage trousers, he was on a mission: to wash his laundry.

The National, July 18, 2012

Syrian Armenians: ‘Our enemy’s flag made us happy, but ashamed’

YEREVAN // Hovig Asmaryan said he and his family were initially ashamed by their happiness when they finally caught sight of the Turkish flags flying on Syria’s border with Turkey.

The National, November 13, 2012

‘They shot people who were trying to get away’

The haunting memories of savage violence and loss are fresh in their minds. Now, with the vengeful forces of the regime closing in, the terrified and exhausted stream of the dispossessed fleeing Syria’s strife await an uncertain fate. More than 10,000 people have headed for the Turkish border in an attempt to escape the onslaught unleashed by Bashar al-Assad. They were living in squalor with little food and water and no shelter. But they were prepared to suffer that to reach a place of relative safety away from the tanks, artillery and helicopter gunships, and the death they bring.

The Independent, June 14, 2011

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